Executive Recruitment


Attracting and securing key executives, business leaders, and a strong management team are vital components for company success. However,  strategic shifts, managing planned or unplanned turnover, and conflicting priorities make it difficult to execute an organized and thorough search outside of the organization.  For this reason, companies turn to Penn Talent, LLC. for their executive recruitment needs.  We partner with our clients for a full service retained search to effectively manage an organized search process which incorporates the following key criteria.

  1. MARKET RESEARCH. We meet with the hiring manager and key stakeholders for additional insights needed. We also thoroughly examine our client company, their industry, market trends, and competitors to sharpen our knowledge.

  2. POSITION SPECIFICATION DEVELOPMENT. Once needs are analyzed, a position description is developed for client approval. Specifications include a talent profile, role responsibilities, qualifications, desired skills, and personal attributes. The position description forms the basis of the recruitment strategy and serves as the benchmark for candidate evaluation.

  3. RECRUITMENT STRATEGY AND SEARCH PLAN.  A recruitment strategy and search plan is developed and customized to the needs of the client. This includes a planned approach to identify the names, location and title of the broadest population of potential candidates from target companies.  We also supplement this plan with our multiple resources to maximize search efforts. Dates are established for status reviews to assess progress and determine any necessary changes.

  4. CANDIDATE RECRUITMENT. Direct contact is made to prospective candidates on a confidential basis.

  5. CANDIDATE SCREENING. Interviews are conducted with leading prospects. Their background, current responsibilities, technical qualifications, accomplishments, style, current compensation, and motivations are discussed and documented.

  6. CANDIDATE PROFILE.  A candidate profile is developed for each interested leading prospect determined to be a potential match for the client. The profile includes work experience, current responsibilities, career highlights and accomplishments, education, and relevant personal data. Also included is our assessment of how well suited the candidate would fit into the client environment and their motivations.

  7. CLIENT INTERVIEW. We brief and debrief candidates and client management. We also provide assistance with the coordination of logistics as needed.

  8. REFERENCE CHECKING.  Written reference checks are submitted on the final candidate.

  9. OFFER AND CANDIDATE ACCEPTANCE. We are available to assist in creating an attractive compensation package to attract and secure the preferred candidate. We also serve as the intermediary to work out any impediments on offer acceptance.

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