Wellness of the Spirit


Wellness of the spirit refers to our ability to cope with the everyday stresses and strains of living our life.  Nowadays that is no small feat!  Although for many people it never was. Quite often, the ability to cope overwhelms us, and if we don’t give sufficient attention to the wellness of our spirit, we lose our ability to functionally cope.

The evidence of that inability to functionally cope can exist in the form of anxiety attacks. The attacks can range from extremely mild to debilitatingly severe. What happens to us when we experience anxiety attacks? Our system goes into a form of shock. However, nothing is physically wrong that should cause us to become ill and nothing is wrong mentally that should cause us to experience the panic.  It is within our spirit that we have lost control. The loss of control can be momentary, or it can last for years. The most debilitating part is the inability to function even in the most usual of routines.

Having experienced an anxiety attack, I can personally attest to the feeling of not being in control. Experiencing these attacks feels as if you have lost control over your ability to function. As a result, it can impact you in many areas of your life.  You may experience difficulty in meeting work deadlines; you may feel constantly overwhelmed; you may not be able to provide for your family; and you may lose interest in the things that use to bring you joy.  Hopelessness can settle in and impact the depths of your overall wellbeing.

Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, it is even more important to focus on our wellbeing. Many of us live where we work, and we do not take the opportunity to connect with ourselves during the course of our day. This self-connection gets lost in the integration of work, virtual learning for our school age children, caring for our younger children, managing our finances, dealing with health concerns in addition to our usual stressors.  It’s a whole new level of multi-tasking and it can be exhausting!

Adjusting to our new normal will take time and being intentional about our wellbeing can help with the process.  Personally, my goal is to incorporate at least three activities to fill my cup each day that fuel my energy and calm my emotions.  My wellness to-do list includes reading, a fitness activity, and meditation.

What will you do each day to fill your cup?

REMEMBER: Optimal wellness comes through our concentrated effort and discipline. The biggest detriment to wellness is our lack of discipline with our own health and well-being. The wellness of our spirit impacts all areas of our lives as evidenced in the presence of anxiety attacks and/or the inability to functionally cope. Therefore, an intentional focus on our wellness needs should be added to our daily “to-do” list so that we invest enough time for ourselves!

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