3 Keys to an Effective Job Search


If you are reading this article, chances are that you are already looking for a job or about to get out there and test the market. And when searching for a job, of course you are looking for your dream role and you want to find it as quickly as possible. But maybe there are a few things that have been getting in your way.  Conducting an effective job search is a lot different today and there are many things to consider and navigate.  For example,  it involves planning your search strategy, researching information, networking to find job leads, understanding job requirements, interviewing, etc.  Oftentimes, you must engage in all of these activities concurrently and it can be overwhelming. And, if you are not getting the results you expect, the experience itself can be demoralizing.

The good news is, you are not alone.  More importantly, there are some actions you can take today to move down the path towards achieving your job search goal.

Here are 3 keys to conduct your job search more effectively.

1) Start by asking yourself the RIGHT questions.  Questions that denote negativity are not helpful.  For example, why won’t anyone give me a job? Or, how do I network when I don’t know anyone?  These types of questions presume failure and inhibit your productivity. 

Instead, start asking questions that motivate and inspire you.  You want to consider questions that are acti0n-based that will lead you towards your objective. Therefore, better questions to ask are:

  • Who could I reach out to that could provide me with job leads?

  • What actions could I take that would open the door with others to provide me with job leads?

  • How did my 5 closest friends find their current jobs? How could I brainstorm with them and use their methods in my job hunt?

  • What worked in my previous job search? How could I repeat that success?

Maintain accountability: Ask questions that YOU yourself can solve. Never depend on others to do this for you.  Once you give up responsibility for resolving issues with your job search (or anything else for that matter), you become a victim of outside forces.

However, when you ask the right questions, you are on the path to finding solutions. So write down at least five empowering questions about your job search.

Now you are ready for step two!

2) Brainstorm at least 25 possible ideas/answers to your questions.
After you write down five good questions, circle the one question that looks most promising. You’re going to use it to get hired faster. As an example, write the following question down atop a clean sheet of paper:

“How could I give people a reason to call me with job leads?”

Write a number 1 below it. Write a possible answer next to that number. Then move on to number 2, 3, etc . Don’t stop until you have at least 25 answers to your question.

Again. Don’t stop until you have 25 possible solutions. Brainstorm as if your career depended on the outcome – because it actually does!

Keep in mind. Many of your 25 answers may not be very good — that’s OK. Your best answer may come right after the one you feel is the most far-fetched. By forcing yourself to write out 25 answers, you’re flushing the creative pipes while going deep into your subconscious mind to come up with a winner.

3) Start TODAY! – Take action on one solution
Choose the most promising answer from your list of 25 and get started today — no excuses.

Let’s say the most actionable of your solutions is to throw a networking party where you can meet friends, family and acquaintances, and let them know about your job search.

What do you need to do to make this party happen?

Well, you have to make the guest list, send invitations, get the food, etc. So write down all the sub-goals necessary for the party to be a success. Check each sub-goal off your list as you complete it. Before you know it, your networking party will be a reality.

After that, take the next most-promising solution from your list of 25 and make that one happen. Repeat until hired.

Key takeaway –  clear thinking plus continuous action equals results.

If you’re struggling to find a job, write down clear, empowering questions of your situation. Then, brainstorm at least 25 possible solutions and take action on the best one today. When you do, you’ll be that much closer to being successful in your job search.

– Wishing you continued success!

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