At your current employer, were you able to negotiate PTO/vacation days?


Work/Life balance!  That is something that many of us strive for throughout our careers.  However, if you are like many, you wind up losing many vacation days at the end of the year because you simply could not take time off for a variety of reasons.  If you were lucky, maybe your employer allowed you to carry some days over so it would not be a total loss.  Hopefully, you won’t fall into the same cycle.

Or maybe you are someone that works hard and makes sure you have the time to play even harder! You make sure you use your vacation time for trips and much needed RNR throughout the year. So when you changed employers, you were excited about the new opportunity, but PTO/vacation was top of mind as well.  How satisfied were you with the time off policy? Were you able to negotiate PTO/vacation days?

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