Don’t Let Your BEST Job Candidates Get Away


Competition for TOP talent remains at an all time high! Therefore, it is imperative for companies to revamp and optimize their recruiting procedures to ensure that the best candidates do not get away. Here are some simple adjustments your company can make to stop those high quality candidates from going to your competitors.

Ensure your jobs are priced competitively
This should be completed even before your recruitment process begins.  Not only does it ensure alignment among the hiring authorities, you are better positioned to attract the caliber of talent you need and to act quickly.  As a recruiter, I worked with a number of companies who struggled to fill positions that were priced below market value.  Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that if you want the best…then you will need to pay the best. Don’t misjudge the pay rate, benefits, perks, etc., necessary for the best quality candidate to accept a position.  Candidates know their worth, understand the market, and are inclined to reject offers that are not competitive.

Streamline your hiring process
Do you really need to bring your candidates back in for second and third interviews ? If you ensure that all the participants in the hiring process are available for the first interview, then decisions can be made quickly and effectively.

Provide a rapid response
Once you decide to fill a position, be committed to that decision and make hiring decisions quickly. View the hiring process like a project and ensure you meet your goal of hiring the “best candidate” in the shortest amount of time. Indecisiveness, time delays, budget reviews, etc., send a message to the candidate about the company’s lack of organization and commitment. If you wait two weeks following an interview to make an offer, your ideal candidate may have already accepted a job offer from elsewhere.

Make sure you have the needed recruiting resources
If necessary, consider using an agency in the early stages to help streamline your recruiting process. Agencies are skilled in discovering top talent.  Additionally, they will be able to ask the right questions to help identify company needs and  the specific attributes (personality, communication skills, corporate culture, etc.) that the “right” candidate should possess to ensure a great fit

As part of your company recruitment strategy, consider working with a recruiter on a long term basis. This creates the added benefit of them being highly attuned to the needs and requirements of your company and very helpful in structuring job descriptions so they stand out. In addition to recruiting top talent, good recruiters possess skills to help candidates evaluate and accept good offers. This third-party input to the candidate during the decision-making process can be  critical to avoiding offer declines.

By making just a few tweaks to your recruitment and selection process, your company will be one of those attracting and securing TOP talent while your competitors are left wondering how that perfect candidate got away.

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