Best Niche Job Boards for Employers


While there are plenty of great large job posting websites online that cater to a wide audience, sometimes it’s more effective to go with a smaller organization. Companies that are looking to hire specialized positions may be able to get more results by going with an industry-specific job board. Here are some details about the best niche job boards online that could help your company recruit and hire talented people.

Why Niche Sites Work

Niche sites are a great option for companies, allowing them to get more out of their job posting. Instead of drawing in a wide variety of candidates, some who may have no industry experience, you can focus on targeting the people who are most likely to have the qualifications you need. While niche sites have a smaller user base and a more limited reach, they can offer companies a great value and investment into finding the right applicant quickly. Here are some of the top niche sites for jobseekers in popular industries.

If your company is in the construction or architecture business, you may want to try Archinect. This site helps match qualified architects and others with experience in the industry to your job posting. Additionally, you can find people like project managers, designers and administrative support for this field to join your team.

For companies that focus on internet technology and computer software, ITJobPro may be one of the best niche job boards for the industry. Here you can find a targeted environment that connects jobseekers to positions like managers, analysts, help desk specialists and more. Additionally, ITJobPro can be a great option for companies in other fields that need a specialized internet technology guru to help them with their network and computer issues.

Organizations in need of financial or accounting staff should look to FinancialJobBank for help. It offers access to a premium talent network that can make your recruiting efforts much more effective. Companies can choose from a menu of services for options that fit their business objectives.

Authentic Jobs
Started in 2005, Authentic Jobs is a place for creative professionals to network and search for job listings in their field. This site offers membership options for companies at affordable rates and can help you recruit talented individuals in the arts. When you need skilled people for design, web building or tech projects, Authentic Jobs may be the right place.
Organizations in the education industry can get a leg up on other recruiters by spending time on the teacher job board There, you can get better results when you need a new educator or staff member for your school or educational company. Recruiters can also look at resumes that have been uploaded from its database of users to find the right candidate.

Hourly workers also have a place to get specialized job posting services, called Snagajob. If your company is in need of hourly workers like servers, fast food workers or other service positions, you may be able to find more suitable employees through this site. Snagajob’s job listings start off at $89 for posting.

MightyRecruiter is another job site that can help companies focus their search with more productive results. While not a job board, MightyRecruiter offers recruitment automation software for employers. With just one click it’s possible to post a listing to more than 100 job boards.

Those who work in the medical industry also can look at one of the best niche job boards online, HealthcareJobsite. Companies have a variety of premium plan options to help them target the best possible job candidates in healthcare. You can get your listing promoted to the top on this site to help generate more interest.

Using niche job boards is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your recruitment process. Altering your strategies to find qualified job applicants may help you hire better and more talented individuals to join your company. Then you’ll be in a position to reach your organization’s highest goals.

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