After the Interview


There is a tremendous amount of information about how to prepare for a job interview. But what about when the interview is over? It’s a mistake to think that you’re done and then just wait to hear whether or not you landed the job. In fact, a well-written thank you note is particularly important after a job interview.

As a general practice, send a thank you email to each of your interviewers. Do not send the same message. Instead, say something a bit different to each individual.

Here are few tips to help you organize your thoughts:

Subject: Indicate in the subject line that it is a thank you message
Opening: Thank them for the opportunity to meet with them to discuss the job opportunity.
Recap: In 2-3 sentences, recap the qualifications, skills, and experiences that make you a great fit for the job.
Clarify: If necessary, clarify anything discussed that you feel needs to be made clearer for better understanding.
Closure: State your continued interest in the opportunity and tactfully remind the interviewer of communicated next steps. For example “ I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you by next Friday on next steps.

Self-evaluation and reflection

Once you’ve sent out your thank you notes, conduct a self-evaluation to assess what you feel went well and where you could use more preparation and practice. This is an ideal opportunity for you to learn from your interviewing experiences and continuously improve your skills. Some things you want to consider include:

  • What do you feel went well and why?

  • What did not go well and why?

  • What would you do differently if you had the opportunity to do the interview again?

  • What are your key takeaways from the interview experience?

  • What interview skills require further development and practice?

– Wishing you continued success!

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