Should I Use an Agency to Find a Job?


In some situations, you may find more career success by turning to an employment or recruiting agency to help you get hired. This type of service helps match skilled candidates with companies looking for talent and can be an effective way to get started working and bringing in money. Using an agency to find a job may work for you if you are a career changer, a new graduate, someone who has taken time off or someone having no luck getting leads through traditional job boards.

Advantages of Using an Agency
The great thing about using an agency is that it offers plenty of resources and guidance to jobseekers. Its revenue depends on placing job candidates into positions, and it may have unique industry contacts and a long history of experience at what it does. The longer you wait around without work prospects the less money your job agency may make. Additionally, some job agencies give candidates advice on fine-tuning their resume, wowing employers at an interview and updating their skills and knowledge for better placement. That’s why so many jobseekers find working with agencies beneficial.

Characteristics of the Right Agency
Choosing the right agency to find a job can be a challenge if you’ve never had experience working with one. Instead of blindly picking the first job agency that pops up in your internet search browser, do some research before selecting one to work with. A good place to start is with your network of friends, former colleagues or family members. Ask if anyone has ever used a job agency before, and get some feedback and recommendations. If you have no luck there, you can consult your career services department at your former university for some help. Another possibility is to search for potential agencies that have worked with your former employers or other top companies that command respect in your industry.

Types of Recruiting Businesses
The employment agency industry is complex and varied, and there are many different types of businesses that work with job candidates and employers for potential job matching. For high-level executive positions, you may find success with a headhunting agency or recruiter. Another type of business in this field is the temporary agency. These companies work with businesses to recruit temporary employees for short-term assignments. There are also private or public sector agencies that recruit for specific job titles. Depending on your industry and potential job prospects, you could benefit from partnering up with some of these organizations.

Responsibilities on Your End
If you want to make your job search more effective, you can recruit a job agency to help you, but don’t expect to sit passively and wait for the offers to come flooding in. Joining up with a job agency requires work from its end and some responsibility on your own end. Most job agencies will review your skills and knowledge with you before starting to help you find a position. Sometimes, you may get recommendations or advice to help make yourself more marketable for your desired job. Listen to the recruiters, and take their advice when asked to increase your chances of getting placed quickly and effectively.

Tips to Getting Started
Getting started with using a recruiter to help you land a job is fairly simple once you’ve found the right company. Agencies work for a commission, and in some cases, you may have to pay a fee for their expert services. Many job agencies collect their fee from your future employer, either as part of an hourly rate, which is more common with temporary agencies, or a specific dollar amount to be paid after the employee has been with the company for a certain period of time.

Getting hired could be much easier if you reach out to an employment agency to find a job. If you work with the right organization, you could potentially land a job that matches your talents and qualifications.

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