Job Search Checklist


When you first start out on a new job search, it’s vital to do whatever you can to ensure success. Taking the time to conduct your search the right way can lead to a better job in your industry. That way, you won’t be spending too much time looking for the right place for your talents. Here are some of the best tips for a rewarding job hunt.

Survey Your Skills and Knowledge
Before you go out and apply for job postings, do a survey of your skills and knowledge. Think about your education and experience, and decide what type of work would best suit you. While some people have been working toward landing a specific job as part of their plan, others may not have the same sense of purpose. There are plenty of ways to find out what may work best with your skills. Begin researching the job openings in your region to find out what is available.

Create Your Resume
The next essential step in your job search is to create a winning resume. Be prepared to write a new resume for each job posting that you intend on applying to. If you have experience, you can work on updating your resume to reflect your current professional status. Then, take plenty of time to review and edit your document so you can feel confident sending it out to hiring managers. If you’re struggling to get started on writing, use LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. You can create a custom resume for your job of choice in minutes, or you can simply review a few examples of high-quality documents that employers may appreciate.

Build an Online Presence
The jobseeker of the 21st century must often build an online professional presence. Not only does increasing your online presence help you meet new people and network with potential contacts, it can assist you in finding a great job posting. Join popular social media websites such as Twitter or LinkedIn, and expand your Facebook profile to mention your current status of looking for a job. Post your resume online through social media, or create a separate home page to showcase your professional talents and expertise.

Use Outside Resources
Don’t simply rely on online job boards for a successful job search; try joining up with others in your local area to get even more helpful tips and networking opportunities. Many regions have local job networking clubs or conduct events tailored to those seeking new positions. It’s also helpful to have someone to talk to who is going through the same ups and downs that come with the job hunting process.

Get Ready for Interviews
While you get things started online, it’s also important to focus on one of the more traditional career skills: interviewing. Plan ahead by conducting research about common questions and coming up with impressive answers. You can practice answering interview questions by recruiting the help of a friend or family member to roleplay with you. When you get invited to an interview, make sure you know as much as possible about the company to show how interested you are in the job. Then, during your interview, be sure to exude confidence and maintain eye contact throughout the process.

Be Proactive
Most of all, it’s important to be proactive when looking for a new job. Every day, put yourself out there for a potential opportunity. Waiting for someone to contact you is not the best method of getting hired. While you shouldn’t aim to pester a company you’re interested in, there’s nothing wrong with making one phone call to inquire about job possibilities. Additionally, keep your name out there after an interview by sending a quick written thank you note. If you don’t hear back, go ahead and call your contact to check the status of the potential new job.

The process of searching for new employment can be tedious, but it’s a necessity if you want to get hired for your job of choice. Following these important tips can help you get closer to landing a job that helps you continue in your career goals.

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