Essential Job Posting Tips for Online Recruiting


During a hiring campaign, you want to make sure your opening is seen by the most qualified candidates. With all the online job boards out there, along with professional social networking sites and career advice pages, it can be a time-consuming prospect to research all the options, figure out which one to use, format your job listing appropriately, and interact with candidates on several different platforms. Having a well-planned strategy can cut down on redundant efforts while making sure qualified candidates see your listing and are encouraged to apply. Some hiring managers choose to use recruiting software to make the process simple and quick. Here are some job posting tips to make the process efficient with the highest chance of attracting the right candidate.

Location Matters
Where you post your job listing is at least as important as how the listing is written. In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to simply write an attractive job listing and post it to a single job board. There are numerous job boards with thousands of free and paid postings, not to mention other recruiting options such as social networks and employee referrals. An effective recruiting strategy leverages the best benefits of each of these options to find the right candidates in the most efficient manner.

There are five main ways to reach jobseekers:

● Free job boards
● Paid job boards
● Company career page
● Employee referrals
● Social networks

Once you know the basics of each of these options, you can determine the best strategy for your hiring efforts.

Job Boards
Online job boards are some of the most important resources for recruiters and jobseekers alike. There are several different free and paid sites, and most jobseekers use multiple job boards during their search and application process. Many recruiters find that using a combination of free and paid postings yields the best results. In both cases, it’s important to make sure your job description is well-written and engaging to encourage candidates to apply.

Most recruiters find that paid postings yield a higher number of qualified applicants than free postings alone do. There are several types of fee structures:

● Flat rate
● Pay per click
● Pay per application
● Pay per hire

Do some research and discuss the hiring budget with your HR department to determine which fee structure works best for your needs.

Career Page
The company career page is often overlooked by recruiters, but it’s an extremely important part of the process. The majority of jobseekers report that they check out the company’s career page even if they find the job listing somewhere else. In today’s job market, jobseekers place significant value on a company’s vision and workplace culture. Your company’s career page is the place to sell the organization to jobseekers and set your company’s job opportunities apart from the competition. One of the best job posting tips is to use graphics, videos, and links to social media to present a compelling picture of your company and create an emotional connection with the candidate.

Professional Network
Networking is another essential part of the recruiting scene. The modern professional network includes both personal referrals from employees and connections through virtual professional networks. These may be social networks such as LinkedIn and professional organizations or fraternity connections. Candidates found through personal or online referrals are generally well-qualified and may even make it through the hiring process faster than other candidates. Make sure your company is utilizing social media effectively, and consider creating an incentive for current employees that refer qualified new hires.

Running an Effective Campaign
There are several job posting tips that can help you create the most effective and efficient recruiting campaign. Once you have a well-written job ad, it’s essential to post it in a variety of places, including paid and free job boards and professional social networking sites. You can simplify this process by using specially designed recruiting software. MightyRecruiter has a service that makes it easy to post your listing to the best channels including job boards, career sites, and various social channels, including those frequented by qualified and motivated candidates. Using recruiting software can save significant resources while helping you attract the right candidate quickly.

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