Cover Letter Example: First Job


Entering the work force is an exciting time. However, it is also difficult and filled with so many different requirements that many first-time jobseekers feel overwhelmed. One place where many struggle is the cover letter. Not all jobs require these, so it is common to simply not do one or create a standard one to send to every job. However, this might end up hurting your chances more than helping them.

Writing a stellar cover letter is an important first step in getting a job. For a first job, you might focus on different factors than do those who already have a long history of work experience. These cover letter examples and the tips below will help you to create something strong that accurately reflects your abilities.

Important Information to Include
As someone who is just starting out in your career field, there are some important details you might wish to incorporate into your cover letter. This includes your skills, education, qualifications, work experience and anything else that helps to demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the job. Although much of the information might be on your resume, this is the opportunity to provide additional detail that persuades the recruiter you are a solid match for the position.

Opening Your Cover Letter
You want to open your cover letter with an appropriate, professional salutation. If possible, use the recruiter’s name. You might have to search for this information, but knowing and using it will set you apart from those who do not. It reflects you took the time to do the research, which means you are a serious candidate.

In the first paragraph, introduce yourself. Discuss where you go to school or from which school you recently graduated. If you came across the job through someone in your network, include that information as well. Other information to add to your opening paragraph includes

  • How you learned about the job

  • Why you wish to work for the company

  • A quick mention of why you would be an ideal candidate for the job

Selling Yourself
The second paragraph in your cover letter is a place to sell yourself. As someone who is just entering the workforce, you might not have as much direct experience. However, you still have skills, education, training and other accomplishments that make you an ideal candidate. Be sure to highlight the skills and qualifications requested for the position. To do this, look closely at the job posting and determine which elements are the most important. Take note of any buzzwords or keywords that are used. Also research the company website to get a firmer understanding of the company culture.

With this information, write some sentences that reflect how you match the description. Include experience from any volunteer work, clubs or organizations, internships, jobs you held while in school and other applicable experiences. You might break this information up into two paragraphs to make it easier for the recruiter to read and absorb the information.

Concluding Your Letter
It is important to finish your letter strong. Sum up your qualifications and skills in an easy-to-digest selling point as to why you are the best candidate. Then thank the reader for taking the time to read the letter, and conclude with an actionable request. Say that you plan to follow up in a week via a phone call, or state your readiness to schedule an interview appointment in the near future.

Using a Cover Letter Builder
If you’re still struggling to put pen to paper and to create a powerful cover letter, consider using a cover letter builder. This kind of tool can help you get over the initial hurdle of writer’s block – and can also make it easier to structure and lay out your document.

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