How SMBs Can Use Job Descriptions to Compete for Candidates


For small businesses, there is often a challenge of limited resources and smaller budgets when competing for business against your large corporate competitors. Likewise, you may experience some problems when recruiting new employees due to your smaller size. One method to help overcome this issue is to use well-written job descriptions to help attract the top talented people and generate higher levels of success. Here are some top tips for creating great job postings.

Position Your Job Posting Like an Advertisement
As you begin writing your description of the job, make sure your purpose for writing is to persuade. Ideally, you should be able to sell the concept of the job to a potential qualified applicant. That means you must work to word your sentences and phrases more like marketing copy than a dense summary of a specific position in your company. According to research by MightyRecruiter, the more compelling your description sounds, the better chance you have of attracting talented people who could fit right in with your organization. Remember, job postings for companies of all sizes may be presented as results in one big list for candidates, so figure out ways to make your entry stand out.

Focus It on the Job Candidate
Next, make sure your job postings are written for their audience, job candidates. Put yourself in the applicants’ shoes, and give them a reason to want to work for you in your job posting description. Summarize the job details using second person pronouns to help give them a clearer sense of what the job entails. Make potential candidates feel as if your description was written by a human to give it a more personal feel. Be sure to include important details, like how to submit a resume or application within your posting. Avoid including overcomplicated instructions that may deter possible candidates.

Highlight How Your Company Offers a Different Environment
When advertising position openings at your small business, you can differentiate yourself from impersonal large corporations by proudly showing off your small size. Highlight the joys of working in a more intimate setting where everyone knows each other and each person’s voice is heard. Talk about your friendly and unique corporate culture to create an inviting opportunity for people who may want to work for you. Feel free to use high-quality photographs of the workplace and interactive videos to bring your work environment to life.

Write in a Succinct and Clear Style
Effective job descriptions must utilize well-defined language. Focus your writing on the task at hand to ensure best results. Once you’ve gathered all of the information you need for the job posting, begin writing in a clear and concise style. Avoid excessive or complex wording; instead, use a conversational tone and directly state job tasks and daily responsibilities. Make sure you mainly include the most common job duties in your description. Write up a list of required and preferred skills, like degrees, years of experience and industry knowledge, to help potential applicants decide if the opportunity is right for their talents.

Use the Job Posting to Help Employees Understand Expectations
Finally, once you have found the perfect employee, high-quality job descriptions can keep bringing you benefits well after the hiring process. Make sure to suggest to employees to refer to their job description when they begin working. This can help them understand exactly what the expectation is once they have been hired. For smaller organizations, this can help you flesh out your human resources policies. Additionally, for newly created jobs, having the job description on hand can make it easier to get results from your employees throughout their career.

Writing a great job description is an excellent way to help expand your company’s talent pool, even if your organization is small. If you take the time to research each position and write postings with compelling copy, you can begin to recruit the best and the brightest people to grow your team.

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