How SMBs Can Use Social Media to Hire Great Candidates


By their nature, small and medium businesses are not as well-known as larger corporations. While this is a classic obstacle on various fronts, the rise of social media has created new solutions and opportunities. When filling positions, SMBs can use social media accounts to get in touch with a wider pool of candidates and ultimately end up with better employees. If you want to learn more about using social media to hire new people, read the following tips.

Maintain Active Accounts
It is not enough to simply open an account and choose a profile photo. In order for your business to successfully use social media in any capacity, you must maintain an active and engaging presence. Your posts must come often enough that your followers are frequently reminded of your presence. Be sure to follow other businesses in your community and industry to increase the chances that desirable candidates will find you.

While your posts can be excellent tools for marketing products and promotions, you can also use them to provide your followers with a sneak peek into your company culture. When you have job openings to advertise, your ideal candidates are more likely to apply if they have already taken a liking to your business.

Respond to Posts and Reviews
An important part of maintaining active social media accounts is responding to any praise or criticism that is delivered through your pages. Some social media users like to use company pages to offer thanks for good service. Others use these pages to ask questions or provide constructive criticism. By answering all posts in a professional manner, you can both respond to customer concerns and improve your company’s reputation. If any of your followers are potential candidates, you will be providing them with an excellent example of how you expect your employees to interact with the public.

Choose Your Accounts Strategically
Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media sites, so it makes sense for just about everyone to have accounts on these sites. However, you could be missing out on some wonderful candidates if you limit yourself to the two major providers.

LinkedIn is a great avenue for introducing jobseekers to your company’s methods and accomplishments, while the more personal nature of Instagram may be more useful for advertising your culture. Furthermore, there may be niche social media sites that are especially popular among people in your industry. If so, you should open an account in case you can attract new talent.

Put Your Employees on the Job
One method for using social media to hire new candidates is to let your current employees in on the task. Aside from just posting your open positions to job boards, you an encourage your employees to let their friends and followers know about your current job openings through social media. You can also tag them in posts about company events and accomplishments, which advertises your company to people both in your community and around the world.

This method of advertising is helpful because it is likely to attract people who will fit in well with your current employees. It also connects you with hundreds or even thousands of potential candidates. If you do request that your employees advertise your job postings, consider offering referral bonuses to make them more likely to participate. As mentioned earlier, certain social media outlets are more popular within specific job industries. Poll your employees to find out if their professional interests have led them to join any of these niche sites.

Also, keep in mind that there are certain hiring tools that make these kind of employee referral programs simple to carry out and monitor.

Connect With Candidates
There is no time like the present to start using social media to hire new candidates. Social media enables you to offer a transparent view of your culture to all of your followers. Through careful planning and smart execution, your small or medium business can improve its reputation and generate greater name recognition with people from all over the world. As your social media presence grows, you are bound to connect with candidates who appreciate your business and are eager to become a part of it.

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