Why the Path to a Great Hire Starts with a Great Job Description


You’ve posted an open position hoping to find an amazing candidate for the job. You start to see the applicants roll in, only to discover that you receive very few — if any — qualified applicants. This might be disheartening, but you are not alone. According to a recent eBook released by MightyRecruiter, about 36 percent of companies struggle with finding the right talent for their open positions thanks to steep competition for quality candidates.

The description of the position used in postings plays a key role in finding the right hires. It is expected that almost half of organizations find that they must go back and rewrite job descriptions after an initial job posting due to receiving an inadequate response from jobseekers. This not only creates additional work, it also leads to additional cost in labor hours and job posting fees. By having a great job description from the get-go, you increase the chances of finding the right person for the job.

What Makes a Job Description Great?

A job posting does more than simply inform jobseekers about an open position. It sells the position — and your company — to the right person. It also accurately explains the position requirements so that more qualified applicants send in their resume, reducing your workload. To ensure you accurately present the job, take the time to understand the responsibilities of the position and role the person will play in the company prior to writing the description. Be clear and concise about the job duties, and do not worry about listing all of them. Instead, concentrate on the key roles the person will fill.

To create a high-quality job description, put the candidate first. In other words, write a description that explains the role the candidate will play in the company rather than a list of requirements. It also should be easy for candidates to read. If it is difficult to read, including being too dense, many jobseekers will move on to the next one. In fact, most jobseekers spend less than a minute determining whether to apply for a position. For additional impact, use SEO keywords in your descriptions, including the page title and meta tags, so they are included in online searches.

Why Does It Lead to Better Candidates?

When you write a description that accurately reflects the job and your company, especially if it is a candidate-centered one, then you receive more resumes from stronger candidates. Alternately, a poor description does not motivate quality potential hires to apply, leaving you with a pool of unqualified candidates.

Research has shown that the quality of applicants is roughly three times better with a great job description, especially one that is candidate-friendly. When you start with a better pool of applicants, it is easier to find the best qualified hire.

How Does It Help You Stand Out?

With tough competition when looking for high-quality candidates, it is important for you to stand out from the rest of the companies hiring for similar positions. If you write a basic description for your posting, it will not be different from those of other companies, and you are not providing an incentive for high-quality jobseekers to apply to your company instead of others.

However, when you take the time to craft a strong description of the job that also includes information about your company and its culture, then you differentiate yourself from others. This will lead to more quality candidates choosing to apply to your company over your competitors’ companies, improving your chances of finding the right talent.

Taking the time to create a great job description makes it that much easier to find the right person for the role. You reduce wasted time and effort on your end. In addition, when you hire quality staff you have a stronger company, with the chance to, according to the Boston Consulting Group, increase revenue 2.2 times faster and grow 3.5 times faster than companies that are not considered talent magnets.

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