Best Free Job Boards to Find Applicants


Best Free Job Boards
Once you’ve written a stellar job description to recruit a new potential employee, the next step is to get the word out. You can spread the news about your job opening through a variety of resources, like job boards, industry publications, local classifieds or other online employment sites. If you want to make your job posting be as effective as possible, you should try a variety of the best free job boards to help find top applicants.

Benefits of Using Free Job Boards
The great thing about free job boards is that they don’t cost any money to job applicants. This can help give you a larger potential pool of candidates to send their resume to your company. Then you’ll be able to get a wider range of talent for some of your most vital company positions. Some of the best free job boards are also free for recruiters or businesses to use. Job boards that are not free often have a minimal cost for a company to post a job opening.

Monster is one of the most popular job boards online. Besides offering millions of job postings, Monster provides employers with free job posting privileges to help them find great candidates. You also have the option to upgrade your account to a paid one to access even more helpful resources.

Another great resource for employers posting jobs is Craigslist. This community bulletin board website offers job applicants a variety of job postings in their local area. Job openings cost about $25 for employers to post. While Craigslist has a massive user base, it can often have many unqualified individuals sending you messages, so be sure to read over each candidate’s qualifications carefully.

Another valuable resource for employers is the website MightyRecruiter. While technically not a job board in itself, this site helps automate the recruitment process, using software that allows an employer to post to over 100 job boards with the single click of a button.

Simply Hired
Simply Hired is another entry on the list of best free job boards. At Simply Hired, companies pay upwards of $99 to post job advertisements. The website spreads the word through social media channels, like Facebook and online blogging platforms. With more people than ever getting information through their social media accounts, this innovative method can help reach more possible applicants.

Indeed can be a great choice if you have only one job listing to post. There’s no cost to you for a single posting. Your opening can get more coverage with this site, which is one of the top job boards in the country. Indeed also offers additional pay services to help target your job posting to their partner websites. You only pay when a user clicks on your job posting, making it an effective way to spend your budgeted expenses.

LinkedIn is a popular job networking site that also has the ability to advertise job postings. You can participate in their basic networking activities for free, or you can pay for their premium recruiting services. This allows you to seek out talented individuals on their network and let candidates know about your opportunity.

Organizations that are part of the federal government get free access to the massive recruiting site USAJobs. Many different government agencies are able to post job listings, so qualified candidates can start applying quickly, giving you access to a large selection of applicants.

JobVite offers a paid service that invites qualified people to apply for your posting. They use tools like an applicant tracking system, potential new hires’ social networks and more to make the recruitment process much easier for companies. They even have a resume database that gives companies access to a talented pool of potential candidates.

Businesses must try out a variety of online job listing sites to get their job posting out to the world. Using top free job boards can help your company expand its reach and increase the chances of you getting a great new hire for your next open position.

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