Job Description Writing Checklist


Before you begin writing your company’s job description for a new hire, you want to make sure you get it right. You can avoid hiring problems like unqualified candidates, interview no-shows or too few responses if you focus on creating a well-written job posting. Here are some ways you can get your job description writing process to work better.

Start With Research

The first place to start when writing a job description is with extensive research. Know exactly what you’re looking for when you’re trying to hire a new employee. Look at well-written examples of job descriptions to get some inspiration. Additionally, be realistic about your expectations for job candidates. Depending on the nature of the work and the level of the employee, you should expect a certain number of years of experience and a specific education level. Finally, make sure you have accurate details about salary and job components before you begin the writing process.

Incorporate Searchable Keywords

Next, learn about how using searchable keywords can help your job posting get more applicants. Understanding how these words are used can help you make your job posting more effective. According to MightyRecruiter, keywords can help increase potential job applicant views of your posting by 116 percent. Essentially, you want the right people to be able to find your job posting and submit their resume for consideration. Pay careful attention to the job title you use in your job description writing, and make sure it is a real example of a typical job in the industry rather than a unique one that will puzzle potential applicants.

Perfect the Job Summary

Then it’s time to write the summary of the job in question. Instead of crafting a boring list of job requirements, think like a marketer and aim to sell this position to a potential qualified applicant. Make your language speak to the reader by inviting a job applicant to consider the opportunity. Give an overview of why this job is important and why a candidate might want to apply. Use second person pronouns to encourage the right person to take action.

Use a Detailed List of Responsibilities

A key part of the writing process for a job description is listing the typical responsibilities that the employee will take on. Avoid complicated, jargon-filled language that could detract from your job posting’s message. Instead, opt for strong, clear action verbs to begin each possible job duty. Give specific examples of daily tasks to help the reader visualize what an average day looks like in the role at your company.

Include Important Skills

After that, it’s time to come up with a solid list of skills that your potential candidates should possess. Most job postings separate their list of skills into two different categories, required and preferred. You can include qualities such as education level, software knowledge, and specific industry competencies as well as soft skills that are necessary for job success.

Provide Details About Your Business

To help a job applicant feel more compelled to apply to your company, include a short summary about your business. It may be helpful to include your company’s mission statement to give potential applicants an idea of your organization’s purpose. Aim to differentiate your company so the top candidates are compelled to apply. It’s okay to show off a little bit here.

Don’t Forget Some Final Tips

The last thing to do is to make sure your format is friendly to a potential talented hire. Use bulleted points when listing things like responsibilities and skills to make it easier to read. Optimize your posting for mobile viewers to help reach more people. Then, before you hit the submit button, be sure to do a final comprehensive proofread to avoid embarrassing grammatical errors. To save time and money, you can also consult a service like MightyRecruiter. They use scientifically based research methodology to craft more than 300 results-oriented job postings.

Attracting top talent can be difficult without a well-written job posting. If you follow best practices for job description writing, you may get better results when looking for new hires.

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