Resume Tip – Highlight your accomplishments



As Labor Day weekend approaches, it’s a good time to pull out your resume for review and to make some tweaks to ensure it is showcasing your accomplishments.

The amount of time, on average, that hiring managers and recruiters spend reading a resume is less than 30 seconds. Therefore, it’s important to grab their attention and make yourself stand out from the dozens (if not hundreds) of other applicants who are competing with you for the same position.

One of the best ways to STAND OUT is to clearly highlight your accomplishments so you can showcase your abilities. By doing so, you will establish a track record of success and market your potential to a new prospective employer.

Here are a few good examples:

  • Generated 45% of company’s sales leads through national trade show presence.
  • Evolved marketing strategy to shift focus from print to online media.
  • Increased customer usage of products from 1,500 transactions per day to 100,000 per day.

AVOID providing a list of mundane job duties that describe your daily activities or overall responsibilities as stated below.

  • Communicate programs that describe the organization and its services.
  • Develop and maintain promotional materials and conduct direct marketing activities.
  • Plan & schedule individual / team assignments to achieve the preset goals within time, quality & cost parameters.

Review your resume today and see what changes you can make to market the best you!

Good luck in your job search!