Performance Management


Effective performance management is a core competency for organizational effectiveness. Employees must demonstrate the requisite skills, knowledge, and capabilities needed to perform their job duties effectively. Managers are tasked with ensuring that those objectives are achieved.

What is Performance Management?

Performance Management is the ongoing process between an employee and supervisor that involves:

  • Clarifying what “meeting expectation” or “satisfactory performance” means in concrete terms

  • Defining how job performance will be measured

  • Establishing, understanding, and documenting clear expectations on the essential job functions the employee is expected to perform

  • Describing how the employee’s role contributes to organizational goals

  • Determining how the employee and supervisor will work together to sustain, improve, or build on existing employee performance

  • Identifying obstacles to performance and eliminating them

An effective Performance Management process will incorporate a comprehensive system with guidelines, methods, and tools for managers to successfully perform these functions. 

What is Performance Appraisal?

It is the company/manager obligation to employees to inform them on how they are performing in their job.

Why are Appraisals important?  Performance Appraisals can increases the productivity of your direct reports in key areas:

Employee Motivation – An interactive dialogue between a manager and employee may help to build and solidify the working relationship.
Employee Development – Regular discussions on employee strengths and how to apply them facilitates growth and professional development
Employee Relations – Performing regular appraisals allows for the manager to learn about how the employee feels about the manager/employee relationship, their job, peers, and the company.

Why do some managers avoid or delay doing appraisals? In many instances, managers avoid or delay conducting appraisals because of lack of time, feelings of discomfort, or uncertainly in how to deal with the disagreements which they may feel are inevitable. 

Wherever you are in the spectrum, of performance management, Penn Talent, LLC can design or provide you support with the essential tools to ensure you have the necessary mechanisms in place to track and document your employees’ performance.

  • Onboarding

  • 90-day Reviews

  • Mid-year Reviews

  • Annual Review Process

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