Employee Handbook


An employee handbook serves as a communication tool between an employer and its employees. Not only does it establish company expectations and legal obligations, it describes employees’ rights and what they can expect in return. An effectively written employee handbook should: Clearly establish and document the company’s guiding principles; Serve as a benchmark for managing workplace behavior; Effectively communicate human resources policies and procedures; and Safeguard the company in the event of employment disputes

Typical topics include:

  • Welcome

  • Workplace Guiding Principles and Commitments

  • Company Policies and Procedures

  • Health and Safety

  • Employment Classification

  • Performance Management Procedures

  • Progressive Discipline Practices

  • Training and Development

  • Benefits

  • Paid Time Off

  • Leave Policies

  • Use of Computer and Technology Resources

  • Compensation Philosophy and Practices

  • Termination Procedures

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement and Conflict of Interest Statements

  • Media Relations

  • Employee Acknowledgement

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