What is DiSC?

DiSC is a neutral and universal language of observable behavior.  It is based on years of research that has consistently shown that behavioral characteristics can be categorized into four main quadrants.

Dominance – how an individual approaches and reacts to problems and challenges.
Influence – how one interacts and attempts to exercise influence.
Steadiness – how one responds to changes in their environment.
Compliance – how you respond to authority and established rules/procedures.

We all demonstrate a degree of behaviors in each of these quadrants.  The DiSC model analyzes our behavioral style and serves as a powerful tool for facilitating increased communication effectiveness and understanding.

What value can DiSC bring to you or an organization?

Do you feel undervalued or have difficulty working with co-workers? Do you want to make effective hiring decisions and match people to appropriate jobs?  Do you want to create better team dynamics?  Are you looking for a better way to resolve and prevent conflict in the workplace? DiSC is the solution!   DiSC assessments measure key behavioral factors showing how people communicate and work with each other.  When you better understand your own behavioral style and that of others, you will be better equipped to maximize strengths, enhance productivity, and gain an appreciation of others.

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