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Live Webinar Thinking ahead five years in HR

March 21 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Live Webinar Thinking ahead five years in HR

Join This course On, 21-March-2017 at 01:00 PM EST

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Speaker Michael Haberman + 35 years of experience in dealing with the challenges of Human Resources

Course Description

A curiosity about the future of work is important for the proactive and strategic HR professional today. The person that is concerned about how their company will survive the radical shifts that are going to occur would be interested in this webinar. The HR professional in the world of work in 2020 and beyond will have to deal with new technologies; new generations of workers with very different ideas of work; have a much more culturally diverse workforce; be prepared to adapt to jobs that will disappear and new ones that will be created. The future of this new world of work is not far off and the preparation for dealing with it needs to begin today.

Why should you attend

The world of work will be very different in the year 2025. That is only a mere 10 years from the present. The changes we will see then will be well underway in 5 years. HR professionals who fail to acknowledge this changing world will most likely find themselves out of a job, replaced by automation. In order to help their companies and themselves survive and thrive in the racially changing future HR professionals need to adapt a future mindset rather than the deal with today mindset normally engaged in. It is important to be aware of the changes coming in technology, cultures, diversity, attitudes toward work, work/life balance and more. In this session you will learn how to apply practical HR futurism practices to your HR department in order to prepare you to help make an impact and to prepare for the year 2020.

Areas covered

In this webinar we will:

    Learn why it is important to pay attention to the future
    Discuss trends in the world of work and HR
    Changes in demographics
    How Millennials will change work
    Changes in automation and robots in the workplace
    Changes in the world of work
    Changes in the political and legal arenas
    Near term changes
    Longer term changes
    Mega Trends
    Steps that can be taken to prepare for the future
    Identifying what matters to your business
    Developing scenarios and forecasts
    Implementing action

Sources on futurism

Benefits/Target Audience

    All HR Professionals
    Any size Company
    HR Generalists
    HR Managers
    HR Executives
    Complete HR Department

Speaker Profile
Michael D. Haberman, is Vice-President and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc., a consulting & services company offering Complete HR Solutions.

Mr. Haberman brings over 35 years of experience in dealing with the challenges of Human Resources in today’s ever-changing business environment. He has a BA in Psychology; a Master’s of Science in Industrial Relations and is certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR). He is an instructor in Human Resources for the Continuing Education Departments of the University of Georgia and Emory University where he teaches HR certification.

He is the author of Human Resources blog entitled HR Observations, which has been recognized several times as a Top 25 in human resources related blogs. He is also considered one of the leading HR professionals to follow on Twitter. He has gained a reputation as a compliance expert. He speaks on a variety of subjects to webinar audiences, conferences, business associations and business based civic clubs.